I am a very proud and grateful dog-grandma :-D

Fnugg is a great mom to 4 amazing puppies. only one princess- a beautiful mantelmerle <3

If you are interested contact Lisbet Høgsmø in Norway. This combination have I been hoping for in 4 year. So I am grateful, happy and a proud dog grandma

Exciting times <3

Micah is now a blood donor

Micah is now a blood donor, as we want to prevent others to lose their best friends and familymember due to lack of donor blood.

Happy new year to our friends and followers

Happy new year to all our friends and our follower.

Last year was amazing but ended in tears and grief. This year will offer some new challenges, and I am looking forward to handle a new breed for one of our friend, to continue to have train others in Showtraining, and in basic obidience.  The plan is that Micah shall start at Noosework, he has train lot of schweiss. But now we will try something new.

In few days time we will celebrate Cookie 9th birthday <3 Perhaps she will return to the showring?