Robbie veteran of the year in Danish Great Dane Club and in top10

Robbie became with only 6 show out af 19 - Veteran of the year in the Great Dane Club of Denmark and he was on Top 10 as number 9. I am so proud of my beloved amazing boy- and so sad that he is with God, his brother Nilaus and all of my family now.

I am a proud dog grand mam

Robbie and Biancaneve became parents to this beautiful litter 30.10.21

There are 7 females and 2 males.

I been down visiting them when they was 6 weeks old, and one of the male is a true copy of his dad in mind and look ❤ One of the male is mantel and the other is a harlequin. 1 harlequin girl, 2 merle girl and 4 mantels girl.

I am so proud of this litter and looking forward to follow them all.

If you are interested in a puppy then try contact Giuseppe  and Alice at

I am heartbroken and in chock- Robbie is dead

Fortunately, Robbie did not have to end up in a long and painful course of illness.  When we got home a little in 02 last night - he was happy, naughty and very hungry.  Only this morning did he show symptoms that something was wrong, and de died on the operating table at in the early afternoon due to internal bleeding from a spleentumor. My life has stop and I will miss every day rest of my life. He was truly one of a kind!

Robbie was of the stuff that turns into a Legend!  Not just because of all his great show results but because of his very special mind and charisma.  Robbie was a charmer with his beautiful dark eyes.  He loved to be the center and to be admired.  He went straight into people's hearts with his always happy and loving nature.  He had a loyal fan base at the Danish exhibitions who always had to go and greet him.  Until the very last moment, he was happy, loving and at full speed.  Robbie was born loving, cool, smart and incredibly thoughtful.  He's the only dog ​​I've ever had - who made sure to share with the others.  He even begged for extra treats which he spat at the others.  He has always been involved in anything!  He has even been to a disco on a Friday night in Copenhagen.

Robbie was a very loving, sweet and gentle boy.  He was really fond of people and especially children.  He was not reserved towards strangers as long as they would to pat and admire him.  Robbie loved to be in close contact- a better cuddly dog ​​does not exist.  He was very empathetic and made sure to hand out hugs and kisses to whoever needed.
 He was a dog who loved speed across the field, however, he also loved throwing himself on the couch with us- the closer the better.  Robbie also had a sense of humor - and he liked to tease us in everyday life, for example to discreetly stand on the carpet you are trying to move.  Robbie was extremely intelligent and good at problem solving - so that he could open all doors, windows, metal cages, doors.  Therefore, we were very grateful that Robbie never chose to roam.  For in that case he would have been impossible to contain.

 DKCH SECH DEVDHCH INTCH NLCH DKVECH DEVECH W15 BLXW (NL) 17 EUDDC Winner 2019 German winner 2021 DDC CSVE21 Great Bel’s Nairobi best known as Robbie 21.12.12-02.11.21

Robbie new German veteran Champion :-D

Huge thanks to judge Daniela Zevens (DE), P. Montfoort (NL) and John Walsh (IRL) for thinking so highly of my sweet boy. I truly bless with a Robbie- one in a lifetime dog <3

DDC Clubsiegerschau 2021 in Schloss Dennenlohe

Yippie...Robbie did it again :-) Robbie V1, CAC+VDH and is now DDC CLUBSIEGER VETERANEN 2021. Huge thanks to Judge John Walsh (IRL) for the nice critique. What a great weekend with beautiful dogs, meeting up with old and new dogfriends.

Robbie a proud father

Robbie became dad again in this weekend to 15 puppies in Sweden, 3 was angels :'( Huge congratulations to Alma and her owner Ruth. I am looking forward to come and kiss them all <3 There is 1 harlequin, 8 black mantels and 3 merle mantels.

CAC des DCC in Schloss Dennenlohe 2021

Robbie Vorzüglich (Excellent) 1, CAC & VDH. Thanks to Judge Herr P.W.J.M. van Montfoort (NL) for the nice critique.

Germanwinner in Gelsenkirchen 2021

What a great day in good company and beuatiful dogs. Robbie V1 Vet-CAC + Vet-VDH. Robbie is GERMAN VETERANEN WINNER 2021. Huge thanks to Judge and breeder Daniela Zeven (DE) for beautiful word to my boy.

Norsk Grand Danois Klubb Minneutstilling 2021

In NOrway all colours compete together. Robbie won the Veteranclass with CQ, and was BOS Veteran. Thanks to Judge Per K Andersen (NO) for the praise of my sweet boy.

The Danish Great Dane Club Open Summer show 2021

A great day in good company. Robbie and my nephew Xander won 1. price in Child and Dog. At the Open Show all colours compete together. Robbie was Best Veteran and in Best In Show 6. Thanks to unoff. judge and Breeder Per Schantz (DK).

Very exciting news - Robbies is going to be a dad again

Ruth Stolzewski in Sweden is expecting black, Mantels, Merle, Merlemantels and harlequin in start september. Both parent have all available health tests and their good character has been tested. They have both been show with great result. The goal of this mating with great genetic diversity and many ancient ancestors are fresh, stable puppies in the classic elegant type.

Are you interested in a puppy from this combination- you have to contact Ruth at:


Great news for us who love the merles

Finally the Merles is going to be show s equals with their brother and sisters 😀

The Great Dane colour show 2021

Robbie 2. Best Male in the Great Dane Online show. Thanks to judge Linda Sven Bohlin Brandqvist (SE) and Maria Gkinala (IE).

Slagelse 2021

At the Danish Great Dane clubshow in terrible hot weather: DKCH SECH DEVDHCH INTCH NLCH DKVECH W15 BLXW17 Great Bel’s Nairobi aka Robbie 3. Best male, BOB veteran, BIS 1 veteran. Thank to judge Gunnar Nymann DK  for his praise of Robbie and the very fine critique.

Nyborg 2021

At the Grand Danois Klubben i Danmark show in Nyborg - Robbie won the veteranklassen with CQ, BOB Veteran, 4. Best male og BIS 2 Veteran. Thank to judge Einar Paulsen (DK) fir his praise of Robbie and fine critique. Robbie is now Danish Veteran Champion at only 3 show.

A huge thanks to judges Thomas Rohlin, Hanne Laine Jensen og Einar Paulsen for their praise and very fine critique - and who mde him a beteran champion with a hat trick.

DCM Free

12.05.21 Robbie was tested free of DCM.

Photocredit Linda Thorstensen😘

Great Danes online dogshow Cissie C. Hansen's 8 year old Robbie, lovely grand gentleman of classic type, good combination of strangth and elegance. Long masculine head of excellent depth and parallel planes, good eye and square drop of lip, shapely strong neck onto high withers, good forechest, strong bone, good length of foreleg and pasterns, deep brisket and excellent spring of rib, firm short back and strong, deep loin, very good croup, very good turn of stifle and sound hocks, good tail carriage and gleaming condition, Excellent, CQ, Best Mantle Veteran.

Huge thank to judge Maria Gkinali.

Årslev 2021

I am so proud of my sweet boy 💔 Who today at GDK Årslev 2021 Classwinner w. CQ Best veteran w. VeteranCAC and 3.rd best male. Then in all coour BIS1 veteran. Thanks to judge Hanne Laine Jensen (DK). Huge thank to Linda Thorstensen for picture 😘

Herluftholm 2021

Today at the Danish Great Dane Club Robbie became the Best Veteran and 3.rd Best male with CK. Thanks to judge Tomas Rohlin (DK) and to Photo by Beske for the picture 😘

Nilaus Grand son Ulvepoter's Fabulous Sigurd - has his debute in puppyclass as Claswinner and Best  puppy male. I am a very proud doggy Grand Grand mother. He reminds me so much of Nilaus in that age ❤️ 

Fuglebjerg 2021

First show since December 2019. BIS Veteran 1 😃❤️ Robbie love to be back  in the ring and to say "Hello" to every people and dog at the show.