Robbie 9. Juli 2020

Robbie was on a photo date with Camilla C. This is one of the picture of Robbie ❤️ 


Robbie is testet free for Ichthyosis 

Robbie has once again visited Canicold

Robbie has visited Canicold (reprodultimo Vet) and he got excellent news. His sperm quality is 95% 

NKK IDS Bø 2020

Great news from Norway. First day Hedda’s and Robbie’s daugther NJV-19 Nordic Giant’s Jam In Ink became BOS with both Nordic CAC and Norwegian CAC (all colours together). Second Day She went 2. Best female with CAC & CACIB.  A Huge Congratulations to owners Lisbeth Høgmo & Hege and to her handler Julian.

GDK New Years show 2020

Nilaus had a Great Day and he was as allways excellent Company. He Got excellent and was place 5 in a strong Open Class. Thanks to judge Brigitte Thilemann (DK). 

Robbies add to the New Great Dane Magazine

I am Very proud of the add Ewa Larsson has made of Robbie to the New international Great Dane Magazine 😃