Robbie-Jeva’s Beautiful litter has arrived 10.10.20 - 11.10.20

2 Black boys and 2 Merle boy 💙💙💙💙

2 Black girls and 3 Merle girls ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
I am a Very Happy and proud "doggrandma" 😄

Some few are still avaible if you are interested please contact Hela Jark. You Can read more about her and Jeva here: http:/

Robbie and Jeva puppies is confirmed by UL 👏🏻😄

Robbie and Jeva have had a succesful date ❤️ Jeva vom Kühlen Grunde is expecting puppies this fall, and if you should he interested in one of those remarkble puppies you have to contact Hela Jark. Both parents is health tested and are from long-lived bloodlines. The IK is 0,0. 
you Can read more about Jeva and Hela's kennel at : http:/


Robbie 9. Juli 2020

Robbie was on a photo date with Camilla C. This is one of the picture of Robbie ❤️ 


Robbie is testet free for Ichthyosis 

Robbie has once again visited Canicold

Robbie has visited Canicold (reprodultimo Vet) and he got excellent news. His sperm quality is 95% 

NKK IDS Bø 2020

Great news from Norway. First day Hedda’s and Robbie’s daugther NJV-19 Nordic Giant’s Jam In Ink became BOS with both Nordic CAC and Norwegian CAC (all colours together). Second Day She went 2. Best female with CAC & CACIB.  A Huge Congratulations to owners Lisbeth Høgmo & Hege and to her handler Julian.

GDK New Years show 2020

Nilaus had a Great Day and he was as allways excellent Company. He Got excellent and was place 5 in a strong Open Class. Thanks to judge Brigitte Thilemann (DK). 

Robbies add to the New Great Dane Magazine

I am Very proud of the add Ewa Larsson has made of Robbie to the New international Great Dane Magazine 😃